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Free online resource for professionals in project management
Finnischer Projektmanagementverband
The Home of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming
ProjectWorld is dedicated to project management. The educational forum addresses project management applications and solutions for professionals who are working in project management.
Adding something new and interesting to software's CategoryMethodology takes a lot of effort and experience with a wide variety of projects, many of them at least somewhat resembling yours.
SOVNET was founded in 1991 as a voluntary association of professionals engaged in preparing, implementation and management of projects in different spheres of activity.
De beste linkverzameling over projectmanagement, projecten leiden en programmamanagement.
TheFundamentalProjectManagementQuestion is: we're halfway through, are we halfway done?
Indischer Projektmanagementverband
The WaterfallModel abstracts the essential activities of software development and lists them in their most primitive sequence of dependency.


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