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The authors of Episodes, Scrum, XP, DSDM, Adaptive Software Development and Crystal, plus some other similarly experienced people, such as WardCunningham, MartinFowler, RobertMartin, SteveMellor, DavidThomas, AndrewHunt, etc., gathered at Snowbird to discuss what they had in common.
Knowledgebase for project management
This guide will teach, prepare, and provide you with all the necessary tools to become a SWOT expert.
APM release their guide to the Governance of Project Management - can your company afford to ignore it?
Promoting and progressing the profession of project management
Alles over Performance Management
Interesting to note that ExtremeProgramming has emerged as a methodology for programming; it appears to be based in trial and error programming!
Dänischer Projektmanagementverband
I like CASE tools. I just have to draw the boxes and those CASE guys think of everything else. I like hierarchical management.
ImpressionOfControl may or may not denote actual control, but is not a Bad Thing, nor intrinsically evil to want it; it's necessary in business and in life.

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