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This newest edition continues the tradition of excellence in project management with a standard that is even easier to understand and implement, with improved consistency and greater clarification. The book contains new data flow diagrams that clarify inputs and outputs for each process, two new processes, and much more.
Until the early 90s, Project Management was definitely located somewhere near the unsexy end of the business spectrum. But now with the rise of downsizing and outsourcing it has become one of the hot disciplines. Professional membership of the U.S.-based Project Management Institute has quadrupled in the last decade and Microsoft claimed recently to have over two million users worldwide of its project management software. The reasons for this growth are simple. Project management is about managing "projects", that is one-off pieces of work (as opposed to on-going operations). Downsizing, outsourcing and the accelerating pace of change have meant that increasingly work is carried out on an ad hoc, one-off project basis. Publisher John Wiley has cannily spotted this and has now added Project Management to its "Fast Forward" MBA series. It is designed as an advanced textbook for businessmen with a grasp of the basics and insufficient time (or inclination) to go back to school to learn more. Written by Eric Verzuh, president of the Versatile Company, a leading project management consultancy, and co-author of Accelerate Your Career as a Project Manager, this is not a heavy academic text.
For nearly twenty years, The Little Black Book of Project Management has provided businesspeople everywhere with a quick and effective introduction to project management tools and methodology. The revised and updated third edition reflects the newest techniques, the latest project management software, as well as the most recent changes to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(t)). A fast-read solution for both seasoned and first-time project managers, The Little Black Book of Project Management can help any professional achieve on-time results, superior organizational ability, consistent profit generation, and a reputation for both quality and dependability.


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